Organised Solutions has added value to the APC team & business via training, coaching & facilitation. They know & understand our industry & customers intimately & have tailored their services & expertise to our needs. 

ANZ Managing Director


Organised Solutions gets the coaching game end-to-end - from theory to practice - with excellent results.


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The following are a small collection of comments from customers about our programs. If you would like to speak to any of our references....




John is a great business coach, he is a great listener who never gave me the answers, but rather provoked thought that created the solutions to what I needed.

He works hard at researching every aspect of an organisation and its people and this is important when dealing with people. He is a people person, he recognises circumstances and behaviours within environments and thinks quickly.

I worked with John many years ago, and the principles I learnt I still use today. I am empowered and inspired when I have dealt with John and I highly recommend him. His enthusiasm drives motivation to seek better for oneself.

Brightpoint Account Manager (Telco)


I had the pleasure of commissioning Organised Solutions to run a Sales Training campaign for Hewlett-Packard's key reseller partners. Working closely on the design and implementation of the program, experience helped me to understand why Organised Solutions has one of the best reputations in the business.

From the outset their focus was on delivering the desired outcome, and their commitment to this end was outstanding. Their professionalism, combined with energy and enthusiasm, ensured that the program was a stand-out success, and I would recommend Organised Solutions without hesitation.

HP Market Development, Technology Solutions Group


John is the consumate Sales, Motivational and Mangement Profesional. As a manager, peer and mentor he always has the specific experience or background to help create the ultimate win/win.

CSC Account Manager 

Organised Solutions gets IT! Prior to meeting them, I had never witnessed someone come into a business, absorb and understand our brand, our business, our people in a short amount of time, and execute business altering solutions. The team with the best players wins... that's exactly what Organised Solutions delivers.


AvnetMarketing Manager


Organised Solutions came to NZ to deliver our Sharpen the Saw Course. They made quite an impression on Reseller & Distributor (sales people). Consequently we are having them back to Auckland to do another course.

What does that say about Organised Solutions? They deliver!

APC NZ Channel Manager

Organised Solutions provides excellent guidance and support in a clear and concise manor that gives true value.”



Had the opportunity to work with Organised Solutions from a leadership coaching perspective which guided and challenged me in my career goals and aspirations.
Later I hired Organised Solutions for a Teamwork workshop with our sales team of 24. The objective was to help them gain understanding of their own business style, that of their colleagues and their clients with the help of the BELBIN profiling technique.
I have always found Organised Solutions to be very professional and thought provoking and would have no hesitation in recommending them to others looking for a similar service.

IBM Sales Manager



Organised Solutions has really helped me Sharpen the Saw of my sales team and Channel over the years with his innovation programs.

APC NZ Country Manager


John, is a natural in his field of expertise. Calmly confident, consistent and always finding time amongst a demanding schedule of clients. Highly recommended, especially in these challenging times we find ourselves in. Training for quality staff will maximise the return to the business. Quality over quantity!

Simms National Sales Manager


Organised Solutions has worked with me to develop and deliver a series of training seminars for my sales team and to act as a coach for specific individuals. They proven themself to be gifted educators who skilfully leverage their personal experiences, vast knowledge base and talent to motivate and reignite the passion for success in even the most cynical and jaded of my team. I can recommend Organised Solutions without reservation or qualification.


Astrontech Sales Manager

In my time in Australia I got to work with many successful sales people across our Business Partner network. We enjoyed great success and maintained market leadership for the 7 years I was in charge of the Product Business. John stood out to me as the best sales person I got to work with. He is strategic, organised, can read people, can present to and manage relationships with the highest levels of any organisation.

He has remained a mentor of mine over the last 15 years and is someone I have no doubt recommending. I look forward to the opportunity to work with John again in the near future.”

IBM AP Executive

Great results, Expert, Highly Integrity.

APC AP Sales Director

We have engaged Organised Solutions to conduct everything from (BELBIN) profiling to specific training for sales and business management. At all times we have received the utmost professional results. Highly recommend Organised Solutions.


Astrontech Managing Director


John is an excellent people person and leader who can facilitate positive change and organisational cultural development.

IBM Channel Manager


There is no doubt John adds significant value to the channel. From a professional who’s motivation is seeing businesses and individuals grow and mature; if your business seeks consulting or coaching then there is simply no better choice. John has performed this across the APC APJ region for many years. He has a unique methodology in profiling and can eliminate fears you thought were instilled in your DNA. He has been my personal coach for over 18 months now and his value to me is priceless.


APC Channel Manager



John provides a well rounded training service that endevours to coach and grow all attendees to their best capability. I have attended his training twice, internally and externally and both enjoyed and benefited from the material and manner of training.

loop Account Manager

Organised Solutions has added value to the APC team & business via training, coaching and facilitation. They know and understand our industry & customers intimately and have tailored their services & expertise to our needs. I have no hesitation in recommending Organised Solutions.


APC ANZ Managing Director



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