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Self Awareness Profile

Being aware of our natural skills and talents and how these operate can have large impact on our careers. Understanding our natural abilities can increase our confidence to tackle challenges which have previously alluded us. Operating at our natural optimum level makes achieving higher outcomes more possible and less stressful.

self awareness profile

Our Self Awareness Profile is a self validation assessment. In other words unless you recognise the skills or weaknesses, the profile is not valid. It helps people understand their initiate skills set. Skills like decision making, leadership, support, creativity, structure, mediation, analysis, direction, compassion and many more are graded in each profile. 

One key area of the profile is the natural talent. These are our preferred responses to handling difficult circumstances. The more we learn how to harness these talents the better our results. Just as in the sporting world, developing a natural talent often becomes the edge over competitors.

Everyone has a  'motivated' and "demotivated" state. Understanding how these work and how to stay in our motivated state can help maintain our optimum performance.

How do we best interact with others? This is our prime mode for building business relations, rapport and social interaction with others. Understanding our natural ways of interacting provide a better understanding of our EQ abilities.


Development Cycle

We all develop at different rates, but the development cycle is a similar process for everyone. Self Awareness Profile indicates our plateaus (flat spots), mountains (peaks to climb) and spirals (down turns).

Some profiles exhibit extensive capabilities. These can be strengths or weaknesses. Understanding how to engage these, with appropriate strategies, can allow us to achieve well above the average result. Overuse can often put us off balance. Learning how to manage these appropriately is a key skill.


Sabotage Patterns

Learning and understanding how to manage our sabotage patterns (CBT) irons out our performance inconsistencies. Often we don't recognise the linkage between one pattern and the next resulting in frustration and confusion.

Using these combination our profile is able to recommended fine tuning to produce better outcomes with less effort.

Our Self Awareness Profile provides emotive reasoning behind BELBIN's Team Roles (business behaviours) preferences.



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