We have engaged Organised Solutions to conduct everything from profiling to specific training for sales & business management. At all time we have received the utmost professional results. We highly recommend Organised Solutions.



I had the pleasure of commissioning Organised Solutions to run a Sales Training campaign for HP's key reseller partners. Working closely on the design & implementation of the program, experience helped me to understand why Organised Solutions has one of the best reputations in the Business.

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channel_programsHow do vendors and channel partners operate on the same page when their business plans have limited common objectives?

Despite vendor Channel Manager’s best efforts addressing Partner concerns and road blocks, Business Partner sales people often don’t deliver on their promised sales commitments.

Our 20 years experience of managing Partner sales teams and 10 years training them has proven sales coaching transforms BP focus from “customer request servicing” to pro-actively presenting their customer with “new vendor initiatives”.

Often the vendor view of the BP role is distorted. Business Partners have to prove themselves viable, by any means possible, to gain access to quote on the customer supply requirements.

Vendors on the other hand want to prove their product differentiation, allowing them to out position against other industry technologies.

Both sales strategies rarely intersect. Is it no wonder Channel commitments is so difficult?

Organised Solutions advises Channel Managers “how to connect these dots”. Partner value proposition need to be improved, not neutralised, by vendor program initiatives. Often this is not the case.

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What do vendors expect of channel partners?
channel selling
- grow new business

- sell to market below vendor tier

- handle transactions which vendors operational costs prohibit

- engage customers more regularly - develop new markets

- reduce vendors average cost of sale

- expand presence in new regions

- flexible logistical capabilities

What do channel partners expect of vendors?
- lead generation programs

- marketing awareness programs

- market competitive pricing

- stock availability

- new technology development

- case studies

- product / service differentiation

- technical pre sales & support

- discount against competitive bids

Organised Solutions produces training & coaching program for vendors and partners to develop cooperative strategies, creating a joint partnership which results in both concentrating on the competition outside, not between each other.


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