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We engaged Organised Solutions to deliver our Belbin / Team Dynamics training. The result was a valuable insight into ourselves & a much better understanding of the different ways other people in our team think, helping us work more effectively with different people. The level of professionalism, flexibility and in-depth subject knowledge are the key reasons this engagement was successful.

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negotiation psychologyNegotiation Psychology

Business people often interpret the wrong perception of their management, peers, suppliers and customers when negotiating. Focus on wrong areas of interest, based on misreading of the people behaviour psychology results in the wrong assumptions. Most people negotiate the way they prefer to be negotiated with to gain their decision. This has one obvious flaw.....not all of us negotiate the same way.

Negotiation Psychology explains the patterns behind business behaviour psychology to improve the outcomes when negotiating with management, peers, suppliers and customers. It helps devise better strategy adaption to handle different business styles. By understanding our own behaviour style, its strengths and allowable weaknesses, using internationally recognised profiling tool BELBIN Team Roles, give a high level perspective of how to succeed more often in selling.









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