We engaged Organised Solutions to deliver our Belbin / Team Dynamics training. The result was a valuable insight into ourselves & a much better understanding of the different ways other people in our team think, helping us work more effectively with different people. The level of professionalism, flexibility and in-depth subject knowledge are the key reasons this engagement was successful.

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Organised Solutions is a natural in it's field of expertise.

Confident, consistent & always finding time amongst a demanding schedule of clients.

Highly recommend!

Training for quality staff will maximise the return to the business.

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Our TRAIN-COACH programs develop sales people into their next level of performance. Often sales people have the desire, but dont know how to change their behaviour enough to make a difference in their results. Their managers are burdened with internal and administrative issues and have little spare time to develop their sales people.

Our TRAIN-COACH program can provide the following outcomes:

Improved team results & accountability

Targeting sales activities guided by more appropriate sales strategies and increased sales confidence typically produce higher sales closure rates. Improved opportunity assessment and developing better 'customer value' proposition sales progression.


Improved retention

Losing good sales people is a costly expense. Sales momentum is difficult enough to maintain, but when key sales people leave, the effects are felt throughout the sales team. Our programs align sales people's personal objectives with those of the business. This provides the purpose, relevance and focus for sales people's needs to redefine how they can achieve their own objectives by aligning these to the objectives of the business.


Increased team effectiveness

Sales habits are hard to break. Often sales people resist change as they only 'do what they know'. They believe new selling methodologies may undo their current results or expose their lack of confidence, skills or ability. Our coaching program, instigated over a period of 3 months, steps through the necessary improvements wit the sales person, allowing them to change in stages with external support when natural resistance wants them to return to past habits.


Increased team commitment

An external view of business change realities, often fills in the gaps between ' resistance' and 'acceptance' of new business strategies and directions. Sales people are able to 'vent their spleen' (sales frustrations and excuses) in coaching sessions, uncovering the real cause of their issues and provide more appropriate strategies to solve their issues.


Sales team development

Our coaching programs mature sales people to a self coaching level. At the top, performing sales people, who have no desire to progress to sales management, develop mentoring skills as part of their own leadership growth. As they sound time with less experienced sales people. they increase their own learning and self confidence to demonstrate their advice. This sets a new level of achievement example and continues to motivate them to achieve new levels of performance rather than simply going through the motions.


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