We have engaged Organised Solutions to conduct everything from profiling to specific training for sales & business management. At all time we have received the utmost professional results. We highly recommend Organised Solutions.



I had the pleasure of commissioning Organised Solutions to run a Sales Training campaign for HP's key reseller partners. Working closely on the design & implementation of the program, experience helped me to understand why Organised Solutions has one of the best reputations in the Business.

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Atlasian is a successful Australian software company that has two brilliant leaders.

They are both different yet have a key common perspective.

Using BELBIN Team Roles students are able to analysis information about people. Like this article by journalist Joanna Maxwell from the Australian Financial Review Boss, June 2010 and determine key behaviour characteristics and how to best approach and engage them.

BELBIN is an easy system for people to use and understand perspectives of those they struggle to co-operate with at work. Once this break through happens better teamwork results.

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