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Organised Solutions has added value to the APC team & business via training, coaching & facilitation. They know & understand our industry & customers intimately & have tailored their services & expertise to our needs. 

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Situation_AnalysisSituation Analysis

Occasionally additional coaching sessions are required to manage specific situations. In these cases additional coaching sessions can be added.

This stage is used to review confronting situations. Understanding how we use our capabilities and weaknesses in these 'situaltional' reviews explains how we develop negative patterns of behaviour from which we are gaining rewards. Taking a grandstand perspective allows modification. Understanding how our sub conscious beliefs, associated emotions and resultant habits, restrict our success and how these can be replaced by more positive intended actions for a better outcome.


Identify Which situation do I struggle with?
Patterns What characteristics does this demonstrate?
Triggers What raises my awareness of this situation?
Reconfigure How can I better manage this situational reaction?

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